Make your own Embellishments- Part One

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

We all know that supplies for scrapbooking are expensive. Especially those for adding depth and creativity to your page. What if you made your own? They would be unique because you made them and they would be less expensive than buying them from a crafting store.

My friends, family and I all like to play cards and board games. Since we have a bunch of decks of cards I thought I would use some to make an embellishment for my pages. We really like to play Euchre in particular, so I took some of those cards used to play Euchre and made the perfect hand with them. I just used a hot glue gun and glued the cards to one another.
Very easy and super inexpensive! Not only that you used up something that you had lying around the house that wasn't needed anymore!