Slice Design Cuter

Thursday, March 10, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi everyone!

I recently got a Slice Elite design cutter and I love it!  Mine is the pink version because I wanted pink more than blue. So far I only have the one card that came with it. I also bought the hands free kit to go with it because I didn't want to have to sit there and hold the machine while it is going. I accidentally got the blue hands free kit as I didn't know that they made them in the two colours to match the Slice cutter.

I love my Slice. I think that it works great! The only thing is that with anything which cuts paper, the blades dull very quickly. You do have to replace them but it's very easy to do. 
I have used the Slice for cutting out flowers, letters, words, shapes, and frames. I think I have tried a little bit of everything that came on the basics one card. I am getting the Basic Shapes 2 and the Wedding card so I will post about their various shapes. 

One thing that I do love about the Slice is that you can use the shadow feature to layer things. I have been experimenting with flowers for now, but maybe I can try some other shapes once I get them.

Another thing, it's not really bad, the adhesive that comes with the machine, doesn't work the greatest. I am going to get some of the spray kind to see if it works better and will for sure let you know the differences between the two. I am just going to use up the stuff that came with it before buying more.

For all my pages that have something cut by the Slice I will mention it because I have used it so many times it would be difficult to select certain designs for this. I love my Slice, I haven't tried any other cutting tools, but I do recommend my Slice based on what I have used of it.