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Hi everyone! 

I have been busy lately going out of town and such for the past holidays! I have also been busy crafting making some new projects to share with you. I have been making some layouts without attaching pictures to them, because I have a lot of papers and none of my pictures really seem to match to me. I did just fill some in with pictures because my picture order finally came in and I picked them up last night! Today I am going to be doing some major scrapbooking I think. When I find my camera cord I will share some pictures with you all! We have been out of town so I need to find the cord now to put the pictures on the computer to share with all of you. Then I can share some of my scrapbooking layouts with you.

Along with scrapbooking I have been trying to come up with an idea for invitations for my upcoming wedding. I have been toying with the idea of embossing some design onto them. I will update you more on that with my possible choices when I decide what patterns I like. I am going to experiment with some embossing powder as well. Once I get that going I will update on those things too! 

Stay tuned for some scrapbooking goodness!