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Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you a bit about this new tool I got last week. It's the Advanced Tape Glider. This is an adhesive gum made by Scotch Tape and it works pretty well. I love that it is big so that you don't have to replace the tape as often as those smaller glue runners. 

The only bad things I will say is that it is difficult to get the tape in it. We had to try a couple times before really figuring it out. The other thing is that it's a bit pricey for the gun and the refills that are acid free.  

Other than that it is a great adhesive tool. As far as I can tell it sticks very well and it works great. Should you choose to purchase one, it may take a couple uses to get used to using something that large. I purchased mine from Michaels and I used a coupon for it!