Back from Vacation!

Monday, August 12, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi everyone! 

I am back from vacation now, I was gone for a beach vacation and a family wedding all in 11 days! It was a great time but now I can't wait to get back to scrapping. 

Firstly, I am starting something new for myself. I joined the group on facebook for 50 layouts without shopping. The idea is that you make 50 layouts or projects all with supplies that you have in your collection already. You are "allowed" to purchase adhesive and photos, I put that in quotations because you can set your own rules really. The purpose is just to get you using up supplies before buying new stuff. 

I haven't made anything yet, as I was on vacation, but now that I am home I am going to jump right into it. I will try and label all the ones that I make with "50 projects" so that they are easier to find. 

If you would like to join in on this challenge it is over on facebook. It is called 50 projects and you have to ask to join the group. There are lots of inspiration pictures going up every day there though! So much to look at and a great group of people. 

Secondly, another awesome facebook group is nicolejones911. She also does youtube videos with the studio calico kits if you are interested. It is the same user name as the facebook group. You also have to ask to join the group. This group is all about getting those layouts done that you have been meaning to do for so long! 

Now that I have gotten that house keeping out of the way, stay tuned for regular updates. AND I will also be putting up some videos soon! 
Keep in mind that I am not a professional youtuber or video maker and the quality of video may reflect that but I am going to try my hardest!