A child's year cartridge: new colours

Monday, January 23, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi everyone!
I was using my Child's year cartridge today and I realized that I usually only use black for the main cut and white for the shadow. While after doing a google search, I noticed that other people have been using different colours for the cuts. So that got me thinking why don't I do that?
That's just what I did! I cut out some images using different colours instead of my usually black and white.

I chose some images for an upcoming mini-crop that I am having with my fiancee's mom. She hasn't really done any scrapbooking so it will be a learning experience for both of us. Me as the teacher and her as the student learning something new. I am going to be posting lots of projects that I have made over the few days she is here!

I am also thinking of taking notes of things that I tell her so I can share them with all other new scrapbookers!

Anyway, today I am making lots of images with the cricut for her to use so that it will cut down on a lot of time waiting for them to be cut and putting them together. That isn't to say that we won't be using it at all though! 

I even made one cut in different colours, which did involve cutting it out several times until I got what I liked from it. I used the little girl pushing the doll carriage on page 68 to try this with because there were a few different things that I could cut out in different colours. I suppose if you really wanted to you could cut her head out etc. I didn't do that I just cut one out with her in a pink print, one for the grass, and one for the carriage. Then I shadowed it in blue to mimic the sky. 

Still on both the cuts I made, I used black. So I challenged myself to do one that didn't have any black in it at all. So I cut the fairy from page 77 (not the shifted one). I cut her out in purple and shadowed it in pink! I know it's very typical to use pink and purple for a fairy but I think it turned out very nicely!

So there you have it, taking something that I normally do and changing it up so that I do something different! Little changes, but still something new for me!