Circle Card: Cricut for (or with) Kids

Friday, September 23, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello again!

Today I thought I would make something that you can make with your kids or that kids can make themselves depending on their age. Just make sure that you are supervising them because the Cricut does have a sharp blade in it!!

I made this circle card, mainly just because I wanted to make a card with my gypsy. I thought that you could also use a pre-made card that is a circle from a cart as well. 

I cut out the card base at 5.5, the purple circle at 4.70, the pink one at 3.75 and the blue at 3.70 which I realized after wasn't a good idea because it was essentially the same size. 

With the blue one I made a spiral cut so that it would pop up more. I also used to like cutting those all the time as a kid too!

Then I just embellished how I felt like. I used some butterfly punches and a button.  I also added some ribbon to the purple layer to tie in the blue there too. 

On the inside I heat embossed the saying. I know this could be difficult with kids, but I think that they might enjoy doing that when they see how it changes like that. It is really neat. I think that if you are there helping, older kids especially could do this! If not, maybe Mom/Dad could work the heat gun and the kids can do the rest?

Anyway, I just thought this card would be a fairly simple one for kids to make for someone. 

Happy Creating!